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Judy and Moira, our two cute, mint green vintage VW Camper/Kombi Vans are ready to whisk you off on a unique tour of Christchurch.

“The vans are named after my mother and aunt, who both had a great passion for life.”
– Caroline Murray, CK Tours owner

Why did we choose VW Kombi vans for our tours?

The history of the VW Campervan/Kombi dates back to 1950 when the concept of the VW Transporter was conceived. It was later identified as the perfect vehicle to convert into a camper van, and the VW Kombi was born! So, contrary to popular belief, they didn’t start out life as surfers’ campers!

Over six generations the VW Transporter has developed to incorporate more streamlined bodywork, more efficient engines and greater comfort inside. It is the best-selling van in history with over 12 million units sold worldwide.

However, the original Campervans still have a passionate and dedicated following and a whole culture has built up around people’s love for these classic campers. It was an easy choice for us at CK Tours to decide to renovate a couple of classic VW Kombi vans to ensure our tours of Christchurch are experienced in style.

“The VW Kombi van represents adventure and brings back many happy summer holiday memories for us – people connect with them worldwide.”
– Caroline Murray, CK Tours owner

A winning renovation team

Before we could start our Kombi tours, we needed to renovate the two vintage VW campervans we had purchased.

VW Kombi Van Restoration

Judy before her restoration.

We were delighted to find fellow VW enthusiasts and experts Mark and Tony at The Metric Nut VW, based in Christchurch. They took our dreams and turned them into mint-green reality. From the engines to road safety they worked hard to keep the two VW Kombi vans true to their original beautiful form while making them safe, nippy and running perfectly.


Judy was shipped to Christchurch from South Africa. Originally ruby red in colour, she still has all her original chestnut-coloured leather seats. Apart from some fine-tuning, an immaculate paint job and new window seals, Judy was ready to go in no time.

VW Kombi Van Restoration - First Coat

The undercoat of paint goes on Judy the VW Kombi van.


Shipped to Christchurch from Indonesia, Moira needed a bit more love. She is now raring to go with a new engine and some new seats to keep you comfortable at all times.

VW Kombi Van Restoration - Engine Tuning

Time to tune the VW engine.

Ticking all the boxes

Both the stunning vehicles have passed rigorous safety checks and Commercial Warrant of Fitness. Your hosts Caroline and Murray have also been police-checked in all the countries they have worked (NZ, Australia, and the UK), and all red-tape licensing requirements have been ticked off.

VW Kombi Van Restoration - Test Centre

Time for this restored VW Kombi to get a Certificate of Fitness.

We are proud of our finished VW Camper vans, which we hope do justice to the iconic Volkswagen name. It has been a restoration journey of love and we can’t wait to welcome you aboard!

VW Kombi Van Restoration - Signage

Adding CK Tours signage to the restored VW Kombi van.

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